Past Quilting Retreats
Buckeye Blossoms Quilt Guild
I am a member of the Buckeye Blossoms Quilt Guild.  
The guild meets the first Monday of each month in the
Community Room of the Middletown Public Library.  In
addition to monthly meetings, the guild sponsors
Saturday Sews and an annual Quilting Retreat.
Quilting Retreat - Greenville Ohio
The Buckeye Blossoms Quilt guild, along with the
Oxford Piecemakers, sponsors a quilting retreat at the
Golden Eagle Christian Retreat Center each year. The
2009 Retreat will be held March 27, 28 and 29.  I will be
teaching Thinking Outside the Block on Saturday.  On
Friday, with a follow up on Sunday, I will be teaching
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul or the Dolly Madison's
Workbox version.  These quilts are made with
QuiltSmart and were requested after the 2008 retreat.
Sharon Stone's Classes at the 2008 Quilting Retreat
This year, I am teaching two classes.  On Friday night, I will be
teaching the
Quiltsmart method of making the Double Wedding
Ring Quilt.  This class can be taken as a typical hands-on class
where you will get started making your Double Wedding Ring
quilt, or it can be taken as a lecture-type class if you just want to
see how the technique works.  Several years ago, I made a quilt
using this technique.  By the end of the weekend, it was
finished.  The top was pieced, it was quilted and bound!  The
quilt shown to the right is that quilt.  I chose solid arcs for it,
however you can make pieced arcs with this technique very
easily.  If it warms up enough, I'm planning on hand dyeing
some fabric to make one with pieced arcs.

The class that I'm teaching on Saturday is a quilt called Mo's
Basket.  The blocks are made using a technique called
X-Blocks.  For a while I kept thinking X Files, then X Box.  I'll
probably call it the wrong thing for a while.  If you look carefully at
the quilts on the X-Blocks website, you will see that they all are
made with the SAME block.  It is a basic 9-patch block that is cut
using their rotary cutting template.  And see that nifty pieced
border?  It is made with the pieces that are cut off of the blocks!  
You do not need to sew together all of those tiny pieces.  I'd love
to make several of the quilts, but I still haven't quite finished my
Mo's Basket.  

On Sunday, I am doing a follow up to the Double Wedding Ring
and the X-Blocks class.  In other words, I will be there to help
with either quilt.  This will give participants an opportunity to
work on their projects again before going home.  The couple of
hours that we'll have for the Double Wedding Ring quilt on
Friday won't be enough time to get very far.  Offering additional
time on Sunday will be helpful.

Below are supply lists for my classes this year.  Both classes
are machine classes.  If you are sewing a double wedding ring
quilt, you will need a machine that will sew a zig zag stitch.  An
iron and ironing surface are recommended for both classes
and required if you are sewing the double wedding ring.  As
always, you should bring an extension cord for your machine,
your pressure feet, your foot pedal and general sewing supplies
Double Wedding Ring quilt using the Quiltsmart Method
Amish Double Wedding Ring quilt made
using the Quiltsmart technique
Mo's Basket Quilt using X-Blocks
Double Wedding Ring
Using Quiltsmart printed interfacing

Supplies Needed:

Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring Starter Kit
(Available from S.A.N.E. or
Background fabric (Small quilt – 2 yards.  Table runner – 1 yard)
6 Arc (ring) fabrics  (Small quilt ½ yard of each.  Table runner ¼ yard
of each)*
2 Jewel fabrics (1/4 yard each for either size)
Sewing thread
Clear thread
Fabric turner
Pressing surface
Appliqué pressing sheet
Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
Sewing machine (you will need a zig zag machine to stitch arcs to
the quilt!)

Backing fabric (Small quilt 2 ½ yards.  Table runner 1 ½ yards)
Binding (1/2 yard for either size)

* For solid arcs like in the Amish Double Wedding Ring quilt shown
Small quilt – One yard each of 2 colors will be sufficient
For table runner, ½ yard of each of 2 colors is sufficient.

Preparation before class

Cut fabric:

Background fabric – cut 12” strips (5 strips for the small quilt or 3
strips for the table runner.)
For small quilt, cut
9 12” squares.  Cut 12 6” x 12” rectangles.  Cut 4
6” squares.
For table runner, cut
3 12” squares.  Cut 8 6” x 12” rectangles.  Cut 4
6” squares.

Arcs – For pieced arcs, cut each fabric into 3” strips.  For solid arcs,
cut fabric into 3 ½” x 11” rectangles (48 arcs for small quilt, 10 arcs
for table runner).

Jewel fabrics (these are the corners or intersections)  Cut 2 ½”
squares (32 for small quilt, 16 for table runner)
X-Blocks Quilt – Mo’s Basket

Finished size 60” x 73”

Supply List

Mo’s Basket Pattern
7 ½” X-Blocks Tool
(Available from
X-Blocks or see Sharon for
1 ¾ yards Background fabric
1 ¼ yards Weave #1 fabric
1 ¼ yards Weave #2 fabric
1/3 yard Inner border fabric
1 yard outer border fabric

You will also need

General sewing supplies
Sewing machine
Rotary cutter
Rotary cutting surface

Before class, you should cut your fabric into
All strips are 3 ¾” by the width of the fabric

Cut 16 strips of background fabric
Cut 10 strips of Weave #1 fabric
-Cut 6 of these strips into 10 ¼’ pieces        
Cut 10 strips of Weave #2 fabric
-Cut 6 of these strips into 10 ¼” pieces
If you have questions on these classes,
please let me know
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